Sunday, 14 May 2017

Europe calling London....

I remember sitting under the Morrison table listening to the  ... –  opening to Beethoven's Fifth, morse-code for V, V for Victory; and then the shiver-up-your-spine words that followed: London Calling Europe, London Calling Europe....  the BBC programme that became for the whole Continent (even Germany itself) the single voice of truth, broadcasting with equal emphasis our defeats and our victories. 
Having family and friends in France and Italy, we knew that they were listening; and later knew that Britain standing alone to resist Hitler from June 1940 kept a free Europe alive in hearts and minds. 

How different now in 2017 when the whole Continent laughs at the idea of 'truth' in these off-shore reservations of bluebells, ignorance and xenophobic idiocy. Needless to say Brexit is not a 2nd Battle of Britain; nor is it anything to do with dignity or courage.  
Europe Calls London: 'Where on earth are you?'
And England replies: 'Sorry, chaps. We've run away.'

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The who and why...

Even if you read books, is that darkness far below not now inevitable? Will this country (England & Wales) choose, as nature predicts, the line of least resistance offered by the one political party that never did believe in compassion or social justice? 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The six Harry & Annie books now available as paperbacks or e-books

Now released - the final of the six novels in the Harry and Annie series.  See Bookshop to buy on Amazon as printed versions or e-books.  A summary of each of the six novels available for purchase is given below.

Harry and Annie

(a tetralogy in six volumes written by John Howlett, published in 2017)

Six novels that follow families and friends through the Twentieth Century, in particular Harry and Annie who come together in bizarre circumstances during the final 18 months of the First World War, lance-corporal Harry, a shepherd from the Cheviot border hills, Annie from affluent New England, a volunteer nurse with a Harvard Medical Unit....

Vol. 1

 Love of an Unknown Soldier

 Their love story started exactly 100 years ago in 1917 during the grim and endless slaughter of the Third Battle of Ypres that came to be called Passchendaele, ninety-nine days of terror and horror – with a murder that will haunt Harry for the rest of his life, but also a love that would last for eighty three years. Love of an